Queensland mining jobs being filled by 457 visa holders

According to figures from DIAC, in the 12 month period leading up to 21/02/2012, around 2,500 foreign workers came to Queensland to fill positions in the booming construction and mining sectors.

Queensland is suffering from a skills crisis in these industries, although the desire to enter these sectors is strong – over 50,000 people recently attended state governments backed sessions on how to get into the resources industry.

Demand for workers from overseas who already posses the prerequisite skills is only increasing UK workers are the most used, followed by US and India workers.

In the past year, around 1,360 construction workers arrived on 457 visas. (over double the previous years figure).

For mining, overseas worker numbers rose from 560 to 1180 over the same period.

Immigration figures showed newly-arrived construction workers in Queensland earned an average of $124,400 AUD a year.

Mine workers in Queensland on 457 visas earned an average of $131,900 AUD a year.

Chamber of Commerce Industry Queensland advocacy general manager Nick Behrenscor said the state needed workers because the few people who could do the job would not move to regional areas.


7380 – number of workers coming to Queensland on 457 visas in 2011/12.
1360 were for construction jobs, another 1180 were in mining.
The amount of workers on 457 visas for the two industries doubled in 12 months.
In total for Queensland, 1710 came from the UK
740 came from the United States
720 from India
590 from Ireland.

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  1. And how many from New Zealand? There have been hundreds coming over each year to Queensland. In fact there have been thousands of kiwis migrating to Australia each year. Is this some secret you Aussies want to keep from the rest of the world. There are over a half a million kiwi born Australian residents in the Land of OZ!

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