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TMISome SkillSelect quotas are being reached
SkillSelect is approaching the end of its first year in operation. Implemented in July 2012 it incorporated several major changes to Australia’s General Skilled Migration program management. These included the implementation of Quotas for applications from each Occupation Group and the number of applicants sponsored by each State. As the end of the year approaches we are starting to see some of these quotas being filled.

By February, three occupations groupings had reached their quota, with others nearing capacity, once reached no more invitations will be issued to applicants from those groups. NSW has been the first state to announce it has reached its annual quota and will not be accepting further applications for sponsorship until July 2013.

So what happens if you have already completed an Expression of Interest (EOI)? Your Expression of Interest will remain valid for 2 years, following the date it was submitted. Next year’s occupation quotas will be set to commence on 1 July 2013. At this time all eligible EOIs will be considered, for each round of invitations, in relation to its overall ranking within the EOI pool.

Can I still submit an Expression of Interest if my occupation groups quota has been reached? You can still submit an EOI, however, it cannot be considered until there is a quota available for that occupation. Individuals are selected for invitation from the EOI pool based first on a higher points score. Expressions with the same lower points score will be selected based on their lodgement date. Therefore, tactically it may be sensible for individuals, especially those with lower points scores, to lodge their EOIs. If not already obtained you will not be able to receive State sponsorship until the occupation quota re-opens.

Taylor Made Immigration
Taylor Made Immigration provides Visa and Migration Services to individuals and families wishing to travel to or live and work in Australia. Tee Taylor, registered migration agent at Taylor Made Immigration will provide you with a user friendly and personal service, with professional management of your visa application process.

All Australian visas come with selection criteria and conditions that must be fulfilled in order for a visa to be granted. Our professional services begin with listening to your long term aims and by assessing your individual circumstances and qualifications. We then provide advice about which visa/s you are eligible for, and best suit your needs.

Taylor Made Immigration will assist you with each stage of the visa application, including the completion of the necessary forms and advising on the documentation required to support your application. In addition we provide DIAC with a comprehensive submission detailing how your application and the supporting evidence address the relevant legislation and policy specific to your visa and circumstances. We liaise with DIAC on your behalf whilst the visa application is under consideration until a decision has been made.
We recognise that each and every visa application is unique. At Taylor Made Immigration we will provide you with a personal service, taking into consideration your individual needs and circumstances.

TeePhotoTiawanna Taylor
A UK Expat, Tee lived and worked in a number of countries before settling in Australia. Being a migrant herself places Tee in a position to better understand some of the concerns and stress that can arise during the visa application and migration process. Tee has been an active member of Poms in Oz since 2009.

Tiawanna (Tee) Taylor is Registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA)
MARN Registration Number 1279203

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