Australia in top 10 countries to be a mother

Save The Children has just released it’s annual ‘State of the Worlds Mothers’ report which is a yearly ranking of countries, showing the best (& worse) places to be a mother.

This year, Australia has been ranked as the 10th best country to be a mother. (ranked 07th last year)

Researchers assess the health, educational, economic and political conditions for mothers and children in 176 countries

This year, Nordic coutries led the way with, with Finland coming in first place, followed by Sweden, Norway, Iceland, the Netherlands and Denmark.

Australia is the only non-European country listed in the top 10.

Save the Children’s Annie Bodmar-Roy says there is not much separating the top 10 countries.

“You can think about it like an Olympic race,” she said.

“The person who comes in second, third and fourth are half-seconds behind the person who comes in first so it’s a very small difference.

“But really I think what we need to look at for Australia is access to education and health for all different groups across the country.

“It would make a difference in getting us back up there.”

The UK was ranked 23rd this year (falling 13 places from 10th last year) and the United States is 30th.

The Democratic Republic of Congo came in last, behind Somalia and Sierra Leone.

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