Four Australian cities in the world’s top 10

The Economist Intelligence Unit has just released the results of its annual ‘Global Liveability Survey’.

140 cities worldwide were surveyed under five categories:

  • stability
  • healthcare
  • culture and environment
  • education
  • infrastructure.

Scores in each category and sub-category are compiled and weighted to give a total out of 100. 100 is considered ideal and 1 intolerable.

The top cities and indeed much of the rankings remained similar to last year, with Australian and New Zealand cities landing five of the top 10 spots. Canadian cities made up another three of the top 10 positions.

Top 10 most livable cities (unchanged in 2013 from 2012):

1 Melbourne, Australia, 97.5
2 Vienna, Austria, 97.4
3 Vancouver, Canada, 97.3
4 Toronto, Canada, 97.2
5 Calgary, Canada, 96.6
5 Adelaide, Australia, 96.6
7 Sydney, Australia, 96.1
8 Helsinki, Finland, 96.0
9 Perth, Australia, 95.9
10 Auckland, New Zealand, 95.7

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