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Emigrating Australia Forum relaunched

The Emigrating to Australia Forum – has recently had had a makeover, it’s biggest since its inception back in 2005.

The forum was launched  to provide advice and guidance to people seeking to move down under to Australia.

More recently, it has also provided support to members who are moving back to the UK.

In March, the website was completely overhauled to improve the user experience for members

  • The website was relocated  to a far more powerful server, ensuring faster response times and greater stability
  • The forum was moved to a totally new software platform – moving nearly 2.5 million posts
  • The forum implemented a mobile friendly  fully responsive design
  • The forum is https/SSL secured & offers 2 factor login authentication for extra security
  • Has improved and expanded the migration/visa section of the forum with separate categories for Skilled, Family/Prather, Temporary, Business and Working Holiday Visas
  • Improved gallery, blog & article facilities

So if you need help obtaining a visa for Australia or have any other questions at all about migration and life down under, head over to