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Australia Migration News August 2017 roundup

Lots of Australia Visas news to catch up on.


Reduction in Visa numbers

The Australian government is looking to reduce the number of different types of visas from just under 100 to 10. It argues that such streamlining will make the visa system more responsive to the countries socio-economic and security interests. The discussion paper is open until the 15th Sept.

Mandatory provisional visas before permanent residency

The Australian goverment is also looking at changes to the visas system so that migrants coming to Australia have to spend a certain period of time on mandatory provisional visas before they are granted/eligible for permanent residency (PR). The Immigration Department is exploring this possibility in a visa transformation discussion paper which is open until the 15th Sept.


Bad skilled visa sponsors to be named and shamed

Businesses that fail to meet their obligations as sponsors of skilled visa workers will be named and shamed under proposed new laws.

The immigration department is now only able to publish limited information regarding breaches.

But legislation introduced to parliament recently will allow them to publicly detail information about the company and any penalties issued.

Points required for SkillSelect appear to be dropping

Results for the 23 August round of SkillSelect have been released and the scores required for 189 invitations have started dropping.

Skilled Independent Subclass 189 – Non Pro Rata Occupations
For non-pro rata occupations, the minimum score for an invitation for a Skilled Independent Subclass 189 visa has dropped from 70 to 65 in the latest round.

IT Professionals
Minimum score for ICT Business and Systems Analysts remain at 70, but the minimum score for Software and Applications Programmers and Computer Network Professionals has dropped to 65 points in the most recent round.

Most engineering specializations are not pro rata so the minimum score will be 65 for these occupations.
Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers dropped to 65 in the most recent round.
It is expected Other Engineering Professionals will also likely drop from 70 to 65 within the next couple of rounds.


No transition period for changes to citizenship rules

Skilled migrants and students caught up in the Turnbull government’s citizenship changes won’t get any flexibility when it comes to the new laws, an inquiry has heard.

On April 20 the prime minister announced an overhaul of the citizenship law, proposing to introduce a stand-alone English language test and increasing the waiting time from one year to four years for permanent residents before they can apply for citizenship, among other measures.

The changes, if parliament passes the bill, will apply from the announcement date.

Liberal senator Ian Macdonald quizzed immigration department officials in Brisbane on Thursday on whether some of the 50,000 people, such as skilled workers and students, who had applied for citizenship since April 20 could be helped by giving them a transition period.

“A skilled migrant doing all the right things (is) about to apply for citizenship and then the 20th April comes along and throws the best laid plans…asunder,” Senator Macdonald said.

Senior department official David Wilden said there would be no “carve out” or transition phase.