Moving Money To or From Australia?

Benefits of using a foreign exchange specialist

Local bank vs currency specialist 

If you’re sending money overseas, you may think using your local bank is the most convenient and efficient option, but working with a currency exchange specialist can give you access to great value rates and services that your bank may not be willing to provide.

In addition, a specialist can offer expert guidance to help you navigate the fluctuating currency market.

As an ex-pat, you could have a number of reasons why you need to convert currency, and accessing great rates and avoiding high fees could have a significant impact on the money you receive for any of the following:

• Buying a home in Australia;
• Converting UK rental income into Australian dollars;
• Repatriating Australian dollars back to the UK;
• Receiving your pension payments;
• Transferring money to friends and family overseas.

As well as great rates and lower fees than most high street banks, a specialist can also offer a range of product solutions to help you manage all your foreign exchange requirements

• Spot contracts for urgent payments which allow for same-day exchange and transfer;
• Stop-loss orders to prevent against precipitous drops in the exchange rate;
• Rate targeting and tracking to help you make the most of your money ;
• Regular payment plans to fix rates and collect funds from a UK account by direct debit for overseas payments;
• Easy-access online account management, supported by an expert team available on the phone.

Get started with moneycorp

moneycorp offers all our clients a professional service that helps you transfer money across borders and let you get on with enjoying your new life in Australia.

It’s free to register for a moneycorp account.

You can read more information on the Poms in Oz currency page –

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