Hi and welcome to my Emigrating to Australia blog 🙂

I’m Rob, a British Expat living in tropical Far North Queensland, Australia.

I emigrated to Australia around 9 years ago, initially going to Melbourne in Victoria, before moving to FNQ around 18 months ago. Melbourne was great and is pretty much the events capital of Australia, no chance of getting bored there! but it’s also very European in many aspects, which admittedly is one of the reasons we chose to move there – less of a culture shock, easy to acclimatise etc. However, we got to the point where we were looking to experience something totally different, get a taste of ‘the Real Australia’ as it were and whilst on a road trip from Darwin to the Gold Coast, we passed through Cairns and immediately knew it was the place we wanted to be. The photo is a view from our bedroom window, overlooking tropical rainforest. I never get tired of the view.

My interest in Australia goes back over 20 years and it had long been my desire to move down under. Fortunately, for the last couple of years, I’ve now been in a position to combine that interest with my career and I now operate a network of social migration forums themed around migration and life in Australia. You can read more about the forums here.