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Sending money back to the UK from Australia

Money Transfers


Whether you’ve moved to Australia for good, or are working Down Under and plan to head back to Blighty one day, you may still need to transfer funds to the UK. This could be to transfer rental income from a property, or it might be to maintain a home in the UK or send money to a child or grandchild studying in the UK. Whatever your reason for sending money back to the UK, using a foreign exchange specialist rather than your high street bank could make a significant difference to the amount of sterling that arrives in your account.

This is not only because you will have the benefit of great exchange rates and low transfer fees, but also you will be provided with expert market guidance and specialist services to help you make the most of your money.

A specialist can talk you through the transfer process and their in-depth market knowledge can help you mitigate the risk of the unpredictable foreign exchange market and potentially protect against rate volatility.

Another aspect to consider, particularly if you’re making regular payments to and from the UK, is how the transfers take place. As well as dealing with foreign exchange specialists over the phone, you should be able to make transfers online and even set up automated regular payments to cover, for example, a mortgage payment or property maintenance costs. Once you understand your alternatives, it becomes much easier to make the most of your money when repatriating funds.

moneycorp is a foreign exchange specialist company, offering great rates and a range of services delivered online and over the phone.

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It only takes a few minutes to register – you can then start saving money on your overseas currency transfers. Once registered, you will be assigned an Account Manager who will be your main point of contact and they can provide quotes and information on the Australian dollar as and when you need it.

You can also read more information here on the Poms in Oz currency page:www.moneycorp.com/uk/campaigns/partners/pio/

Moneycorp is a reference to TTT Moneycorp Pty Limited which is registered in Australia (business number 116612858). Its principal place of business is Level 15 Exchange Tower, 2 The Esplanade, Perth WA 6000, Australia. TTT Moneycorp Pty Limited is authorised to deal in foreign exchange contracts and buy/sell quotes to retail and wholesale clients as an Authorised Representative (reference number 445555) of Rochford Capital Pty Limited (AFSL License No. 361276).

Tranferring money from UK to Australia


For people in the UK who are moving to Australia, there’s been some good news over the last month or so with the British Pound strengthening against the Australian Dollar. The GBP has risen around 7 cents over the past month.

Last week, the Reserve Bank of Australia lowered the official cash rate to 2.75%, whilst today there is flat trade on the local share market.

The All Ordinaries Index was down two points to 5,189, and the ASX 200 was three points lower at 5,203.

Weakness among mining stocks limited gains on the market this morning.

A drop in spot gold prices was hurting the gold and copper miner Oz Minerals. Its share price had fallen almost 5 per cent.

Fortescue Metals was down 2.3 per cent and BHP Billiton was 1 per cent lower.

The major department store retailers were out of favour.

David Jones was down 1.6 per cent and Myer was 1.2 per cent lower.

Commonwealth Bank shares were up 1 per cent, NAB was up 1.7 per cent and ANZ had added almost three-quarters of a per cent.

Westpac, which is trading ex-dividend today, was down more than 3 per cent.

The Australian Dollar could weaken further with the RBA tipped to make one further rate cut over the next few months.


Save money when transferring your savings to Australia

Transferring money to or from Australia? Save money by using the experts moneycorp

By John from Moneycorp

When should I transfer my money overseas and how can I make sure I get the best exchange rate? This is a key question if you are looking to move to Australia or have already moved there. The exchange rate fluctuates every day therefore this can make a big difference to your finances when making money transfers to or from Australia.

What can you do about making sure you get the best value for your money? You could speak to your high street bank, however they typically do not have the expertise or market knowledge necessary to monitor the currency markets on your behalf. Foreign exchange is not a key service for them so they typically won’t offer you a competitive exchange rate either.

Moneycorp, the UK’s leading money transfer company, have a team of experts who can help you with your money transfers, no matter the size. They offer free information and guidance on the Australian dollar, helping you decide on the best time to send your money overseas.

Poms in Oz & Moneycorp

Thousands of Poms in Oz members have saved money by using Moneycorp for their international money transfers. You can receive a much better exchange rate compared with your bank – this rate can be up to 4% better.

Exclusively for PomsInOz members, you will not pay any transfer fees when sending your money overseas.

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Tips for transferring money to Australia

If you are sending money to or from Australia, getting the best value for your money is important. As a specialist foreign exchange provider, we hope the tips below will help when transferring your money overseas.

Banks vs. currency specialists
A currency specialist company will typically offer a better rate of exchange than the banks. By using a specialist, you can also save money on other fees and charges imposed by overseas banks.

Expert market guidance
Take advantage of the expert guidance by using a specialist currency transfer company. You will receive the services of a personal dealer, who will understand your requirements and offer free guidance on the Aussie dollar. Your dealer has the tools at their disposal to help you transfer your money when exchange rates are in your favour and this is where you can save significant amounts of money.
Don’t leave it until the last minute, planning is crucial!
The exchange rate is moving all the time, therefore timing is hugely important. It is recommended you register with a specialist company well in advance if you are moving overseas. This will allow you to receive updates so you will be made aware of any movements in the exchange rate. That way you will have more opportunity to secure the best exchange rate possible.

Different ways to buy your currency
There are various ways you can buy or sell your Australian dollars. For example, with the assistance of a personal dealer, market orders can be utilised – this is setting a target exchange rate and if these levels are reached your currency is automatically bought – you can also set a minimum level ensuring you don’t lose out if the exchange rate moves against you.

Regular payments to Australia
For frequent payments, and typically for smaller amounts, you can set up automated payments which are settled by Direct Debit from your UK bank account – therefore, you can relax in the knowledge that your transfers are taken care of.

Make sure you use a secure provider
It is vital you use a trusted provider with a proven track record. Some currency specialists are now authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) for the provision of payment services. You should also take into account how long a company has been operating for and the number of customers they assist each year.

PomsInOz & Moneycorp
Hundreds of Poms in Oz members have benefited from using Moneycorp for their international money transfers. Exclusively for PomsInOz members, you will not pay any transfer fees when sending your money overseas. Register with Moneycorp by clicking here.
To speak with them directly, call +44 (0)20 7589 3000, please remember to quote PomsInOz.

Website: http://moneytransfer.pomsinoz.com/

Article by John @ Moneycorp