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Moving to Sydney from India – the best places to live

Sydney Australia

Moving to a new city or country can be stressful. Many migrants who move from India suffer from culture shock and struggle to socialise and embed into the population.

A recent study has shown that more than 130,000 people settled in Sydney, were born in India. The Indian population isn’t spread out and in fact a few suburbs contain the majority of the Indian population living in Sydney. This guide has been created to inform Indian migrants about the best to live in Sydney

The prices for accommodation in and around the Sydney CBD/City are sky high and therefore migrants may want to instead consider living in the suburbs of Sydney. The following suburbs have housing that is both reasonably priced and provides easy access to public transport:

1) Parramatta and Harris Park

While the Parramatta and Harris Park suburbs lay a long distance away (23 Kilometres) from the main city, they also happen to contain the highest percentages of Indians in Sydney. Parramatta is often regarded as the second CBD of the city.

The suburbs bustle with Indian culture and the sight of Indian grocers, restaurants, boutiques and beauty parlours make them feel like home. It doesn’t take long to find tiffin and cooking services in the Parramatta area.

When moving to Sydney, alot of parents are worried that their kids will miss out on the significance of understanding of their own cultural customs. To counteract this, children are taught some aspects of Indian culture and history in school.

Diwali, also known as the “festival of lights” is celebrated by the pupils and staff of these schools. It is easy to forget while celebrating the occasion that you aren’t in India. These suburbs are mainly populated by traditional Indian families and students. It is really easy to find a public or private hospital as there are quite a few in the area.

Due to all of these factors, it is easy for a fresh migrant to acclimatise to new surroundings. However, Parramatta and Harris Park suffer from insecurity and crime which may be a turn-off for some people. The following suburbs are considered a safer alternative:

2) Strathfield, Homebush, Homebush West

Asians and Indians make up a majority of the population living in Strathfield. While the suburb is really close to the CBD, it also suffers from overcrowding. The north western parts of the inner suburbs are connected to Strathfield via an interchange station and bus hub.

Homebush is located 15 kilometres west of Sydney’s CBD. Homebush and Homebush West are highly recommended for families and large houses can be found at cheap prices. Slow speed trains stop at Homebush station in Homebush and at Flemington station in Homebush West around every quarter hour.

Indian grocers, restaurants and parlours can be found within a 3 Km radius of these suburbs

3) Liberty Grove

Liberty grove is a quiet and peaceful filled with greenery and places to relax. Despite being located less than 20 kilometres from the CBD, Liberty Grove emits a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere.It contains both massive apartment complexes and cute town houses. This dichotomy means there is something for everyone. It’s truly a hidden gem.

The Liberty Grove complex houses various sports and activities venues making it ideal for families with kids. Some of these venues are: swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball courts, gymnasiums, and parks.

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